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Empowering Digital Life
is what we do.

Experiences is what you get.

Our passionate, skilled team, our physical and digital infrastructure empowers us to create more experiences that make daily life richer, more productive, more creative, more fun and more sustainable.

Our future – our responsibility 

We assume responsibility to become a sustainable company that is fit for the future by working on ESG. For us this means that we are transparent about our Environment, Social and Corporate Governance actions and activities and their impact on various areas of life. It is not only our responsibility but our deepest belief to contribute wherever we can to a sustainable and positive future. We developed an ESG strategy with clear goals for the environment, society and the way we organize our business that we track on a regular basis. By doing so we aim to get better each year and contribute not only to our future but also to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Read more on the A1 ESG website.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in seven countries 

Enabling digitalization in Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia we see ourselves as a designing entity of todays and tomorrows society. Diversity and inclusion as well as reaching for equal opportunity is part of our responsibility. We believe them to be important aspects when it comes to being a good employer. For us they are also crucial parts of our corporate success. We communicate our commitment openly and with pride. In our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy for example that is also an important pillar in our ESG strategy. 

A1 Diversity

Team, Trust, Agility

We want to be a reliable partner for our customers. One that offers them the services and digital communication solutions they need to make their lives easier. How do we plan on achieving this? Through our guiding principles: Team, Trust, Agility. We live out these principles passionately within our core teams and internationally. We believe it’s up to each one of us to develop further, learn something new every day and to get involved at work.

Our differences are our mutual ground.
At A1, we make a clear statement in our sustainable ESG goals to promote diversity by creating an inclusive work environment.
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Constant Learning is our drive

Digitalization leads to new ways of working and learning. Our A1 Learning Hub aims to facilitate access to knowledge and is based on the vision that real learning, and change, happens while doing and experimenting. Learn more about the A1 Learning Hub.

One Company, one Spirit

The A1 Brand Family is growing in Central and Eastern Europe. This means that cooperation across our operating markets is more and more important. Many projects are being implemented according to the “One to All” principle, with projects being either inspired by local successes in their respective countries or as strategies being conceived at a corporate level. Read more on the A1 Group website.

Internet for All

From family brochures in Slovenia to coding labs in Austria to centers for a safer internet in Croatia.

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