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The A1 Learning Hub
A place for change

What did you learn today? Our jobs are changing and with them so are our tasks. Constantly. And more or less quickly. New tasks arise as the old ones are discontinued or being developed. These developments are what we grapple with in our effort to provide a direction and focus on the most important changes. Constant learning is not just a buzzword for us, but what we do here. With passion.

Important business topics for all of us. We have a new learning topic in digital format every quarter in order to be more aware about the things that move/affect us. This is one of the ways we try to reach the A1 Team.

Leadership in the Digital Age

Our customers’ needs are changing, which in turn leads to the demand for new products. New products require new ways of working and new ways of working demand new ways to lead. We actively pursue the discussion and reflection of modern concepts such as positive leadership, servant leadership with the goal of offering development programs for our leaders.

Agile Coaches

Agile working and organizational methods are a vital part of our transformation. This is why we are actively working towards bringing these methods and new mindset to our teams. This is how we help our experts on their path to becoming agile coaches.

Digital Learning with eCampus

Effective learning requires breathing room and the use of our own individual tempos. Our new eCampus offers a user-friendly digital learning experience with customized content.

ROAD – Our performance management model

ROAD stands for Relevant Orientation, Active Development. During our check-in talks with our superiors we discuss our goals throughout the year, reflect on mutual expectations and swap ideas on personal development.

Here are our current development programs for experts:

Data & Automation
A1(data) Top Experts Program “Match your skills” Advanced Analytics Pilot: In order to stay on top of the game we offer our experts Big Data & Advanced Analytics Competence Development within the group, supporting them in developing into Data Analytics Experts.

Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation
The A1 Marketing Automation Superhero Program supports our over 300 marketing experts in developing strategic marketing skills to be then deployed in their countries.

New Technology
5G: The future waits for no one, that’s why we are investing in getting the A1 markets ready for what is to come. 5G technology has already reached Austria, and we are there to meet it, along with our 40 top experts who we are training for the next generation of networks.

New Business Aspects & Fields
Group Young Potential Program: We believe in our young talents, they are the motor of change and development within the A1 Team after all. This group of bright minds works intensely on personal development, aided by their “Business Angels” with concrete projects.

A1 Learning Hub

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