How I Ended up in a Job Role that Fits Me Perfectly
Zrinka Raguž
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Ever since I started school, I’ve been interested in various fields. It was hard to decide what I should study because I couldn’t see myself specializing in only one field and doing the same thing over and over again. We are taught from an early age that we have to find our one true calling, but I wasn’t wired this way. Later on, when asked about motivation in job interviews, my response was always: I want to learn new things. If you have recognized yourself in this, here’s my story. 

I joined A1 only two years ago, but a lot has happened since then and it seems much longer. I changed three different roles and currently work as a Senior Digital Platforms Specialist aka Product Owner. ☺ 

I started at Customer Relationship and Value Management where I got the first insight into the telco industry.

It was really hard at the beginning to understand telco language and abbreviations, long corporate processes, and finally, where I could add value. When I look back, it was the best possible place to start, because at CRVM you get a good understanding of the data, and decisions are made only based on them. Moreover, it was a good fit for me because I liked covering both analytics and being creative. 

Soon I started collaborating with the digital team and we started looking for ways to combine traditional and digital channels. We were focused on driving retention and engaging customers on our mobile app. We were a great team because everybody brought their experience and new ideas to the table. It was the very first time campaigns were done this way and I like to think we paved the way for how things work today. All of us remember that time very fondly and I learned there that it’s so easy and great to work with like-minded and proactive people. 

When the opportunity arose, I changed the team.

It wasn’t easy because I was very comfortable in my role, but I was aware that this was the best next step for my further development. Now I can say that it really was. The transition to the digital team was seamless and I handled digital customer engagement on our self-care platforms, but from the other side. I was managing different activities to acquire new customers and to understand the behavior of the existing ones. Data analysis was a major part because we always looked for the numbers to support UX decisions. I loved the team and soon I learned that the way we work together matters the most. Always look for a team where communication is open, feedback is honest and people root for one another. Then the output just blossoms.

When I felt I needed a step further and an end-to-end responsibility, I didn’t even have to ask for it.

I got the role of a Product Owner and the journey I’m still on began. Many times I have been a beginner at something, but this was probably the toughest one. Without all of the previous experience and being a very practical, hands-on-learner, the transition would have been even harder. I like to dig as much as needed to understand problems and crack them, which has proved to be the right way so far. What you get with experience is the confidence you will find a way to adapt and handle whatever you stumble upon and eventually add value. Sometimes it will take longer than you thought at first, but that’s all part of the learning curve.  

My key message

Make the next step even when you’re not completely sure if it’s the right one. With the different types of roles and topics you’ve worked on, you’ll become a fast learner and will be able to adapt to new circumstances quickly. That is the single most important skill in today’s business world. Don’t be afraid of change. Explore, scan and follow your curiosity. You will know when you find the right place and people to help you grow.